Once the greatest of the River Kingdoms, Numeria today is
a land of grim barbarians and dark magic, its fierce people
ruled over by a cabal of tainted magicians devoted to artifacts
they do not understand. These secrets are not of this world,
brought to Golarion with the dramatic crash of a colossal
metal mountain from the sky, which scattered pieces of
itself across the country.

While its barren landscape leaves little for trade, Numeria
is famous in more civilized southern lands as the primary
source of skymetals, seven rare metallic alloys sheared from
the metal mountain that fell from the sky. These alloys are all
useful in the creation of unique weapons and artifacts, and
each has its own distinct properties. Of these, adamantine is
the most common, and word of the wonders of “Numerian
steel” has long since spread to the farthest corners of Avistan
and Garund.

Numeria’s capital of Starfall is a grim and brutal place,
a decadent mockery of the royal courts of the south. Here,
the barbarian king known as the Black Sovereign reigns
unchallenged, supported by the perverse sorcerers of the
Technic League and their gearsman servants. In its filthy
streets, strange metal men from the Silver Mount enforce
the dictator’s decrees, while those who revel (or pretend
to) in the king’s carnal celebrations grow fat on the toil of
others or become addicted to the vile, intoxicating liquids
that seep from the wreckage of the Silver Mount.


Iron Gods Yennaccaro